Exploration and Development

CSX Mines exploration strategies and development objectives are to discover exceptional mineral resources, develop viable production options, and create dependable and enduring community partnerships.

  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Iron Ore
  • Coal

Mining Operations

CSX Mines operational strategies include careful evaluation, planning, and investment in production equipment and infrastructure to ensure responsible, safe and profitable minerals extraction and a sustainable environmental legacy.

  • Advanced Plant & Processing Efficiencies
  • Integrated Extraction, Processing & Logistics
  • Efficient Water & Energy Consumption
  • Investment in Transportation Infrastructure


CSX Mines commitment to our host communities is based on the highest standards in employee health and safety, and environmental planning, management and remediation to ensure sustainable environments.

  • Commitment to Social Responsibility
  • Community Infrastructure Investment
  • Economic Growth & Development
  • Health, Safety & Environmental Assurance