Mining Operations

CSX develops mineral and mining opportunities using the latest innovations and technologies to improve operations, extraction, recovery, logistics efficiencies and environmental conservation initiatives in conjunction with ongoing sustainability programs.

Copper production is a critical mineral in manufacturing and construction.  Approximately two-thirds of the world’s iron ore production is used electrical applications due to its conductive qualities. Copper is an essential element in everyday life – it powers our homes, businesses and industries ranging from computers, electronics and communications to automobiles, building materials such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.  Our copper mining activities range from the Americas to Asia.

Gold is mined in conjunction with our copper mining activities. Gold has been the world’s standard of value and premier currency for more than a thousand years.  In addition to global bullion reserves it is an essential element of technology due its non-corrosive and superior conductivity, gold is essential in aviation, space and electronics. Due to its rarity and value, gold has been used in jewelry for centuries – it takes thirty (30) tons of rock and ore are mined to extract a single ounce of gold.

Iron Ore
Iron is the essential mineral in the production of steel – the most fundamental metal in the world.  Steel is required in almost every aspect of daily living, including manufacturing, construction and transportation – from automobiles, trucks, buses and trains to the highways and rails on which the operate. The focus of our iron ore mining activities are in Brazil with domestic and international sales to Brazil, China, and India.

CSX develops thermal and metallurgical coal assets that fuels steel furnaces and electric generation plants worldwide. Global coal production is reached 7,000 Mt/yr in 2011 and is expected to grow to 13,000 Mt/yr by 2030), with China accounting for most of the increase.